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  • US-based, and we've gone to Europe and Asia-Pac

  • Direct spin-out from TetraDyn, some of the same people, same core tech

  • Founded by Dr. D (Mar'tan, Martin, etc.) and some math-logic-computer scientists who couldn't hack the boring "IT world" and what it had become since the Nineties

  • "Back to Basics and origins and Orignial Thinking" about the Internet, Web, Hypermedia, Virtual Reality, but with a Vengeance to Make it Real and Really Better for once and for All (cutting out the hype of SiliconE Valley, FaRcebook, Twits, Googlers, etc.

  • OpenNet, OpenStream, vMessaging, e-Presents --> We!, My Story, Shumeru, AIDA --> LUX, LUXspaces, LUXworlds, KOIN and koins, and MagicApps

  • Bringing and Putting MAGIC Back into computing and communication and making even the smartphone more PERSONAL

  • The software that is both a New Kind of OPERATING SYSTEM based upon Knowledge, Semantics, Semiotics, Relations, and Intelligence (sorry for the repetitions but we want to get the point across) and Also a n open-ended Set of Human+Cybot Programs and Applications

  • The software the runs CUBIT-Care, CUBIT-Wear, CUBIT-Net and CUBIT-Pod but that also has a Life of its Own for Other Customers/Clients and their Applications

  • The iBanks and how with koins you can safely store your most private, intimate, valuable Information so that Nobody and we mean absolutely nobody can steal it or snoop on it and that includes NSA and all the others

  • Influenced heavily by science fiction and fantasy - the big difference is that We are Actually Doing It and Making it REAL

  • Influenced lightly by Sex, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll (well, OK, only two of these three!)

  • Open to New Joiners and Team-Uppers who do have the brains, creativity, open minds, guts, and stamina to keep up with the ExpiXaT "climbers, swimmers and deep-sea divers"

EpiXaT Corporation is a member of The TETRAD, a consortium of two business corporations and two scientific research institutions.


TetraDyn Ltd.

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EpiXaT Corporation

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