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The Rain... (and Terrain) - about new-D worlds that you are in

In order to understand more, you need to read more and to talk with us. Preferably live and in person.

You're at point A now and much has to be left unsaid on the web. Point B is where you'll be sharing your "Aha! I get it! I really do, and I like it a lot!" with others, lots of others.

You need to connect with us and tell us something about who you are, and either join up into the Team, at one level and manner or another, or at least go through the proper paces.

LUX and everything in the LUXworlds and everything you can do with Koins is NOT open-source freeware, not a give-away, not something for the asking and free taking, but if you are onboard, you'll get to share in what we all expect from our hard work.

Contact and Connect and see what LUX can be for your business and for You!

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